Film fest(s!)

by ninameetscafe

All I do is arrive places and then start going to film festivals and feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I clearly arrived in London right on time, because the BFI London Film Festival started here just last Thursday. I could hardly believe it. I spent literally two or three hours browsing the programme and cross-checking my planner for time matches. A friend and I then scheduled to see “Everything Good Must Be Happening Somewhere Else,” a collection of shorts, and were surprised to see the filmmakers saunter on stage to introduce themselves in advance.

Once the lights had dimmed and the curtains whooshed further to the sides, I realized that for me, nothing compares to those moments before a movie starts, in a theater. It’s all anticipation, sitting with a crowd of other people there on purpose. Not that I “live” for this experience or it’s the highlight of my life… But I honestly can’t think of anything that gives me a similar kind of joy, seconds away from a whole new film. (Sorry, I can’t help that link, it just popped to mind. So much Disney these days. Hehehe.)

The BFI fest ends on the 20th, but not before overlapping with the London Korean Film Festival – another timely surprise. This recalls Italy over two years ago, when my taxi ride from airport to host home taught me the Florence Korea Film Fest was about to launch. I was like, What. What is this epic timing.

The other best part of movies is the chatter afterward, with the person sitting next to you. What was your favorite part? Uh, that was strange. Did you get that one scene? I loved that actress! Etcetera. I do love going to movies by myself, but figuring which of my friends will like which flick most and then discussing it all on our way out – I adore all of that. Maybe I love movies most for what happens afterward.

There’s a good chance I’m seeing at least three films from the BFI fest before it ends. Case B: Norway/Finland’s “Must Have Been Love” with my Norwegian hallmate next weekend. (She had even heard of it back home!)