Leaving Silicon Valley

by ninameetscafe

The day I move out of EPA approaches, and it might also be my last day living in the Bay Area – forever.

Okay, too dramatic. Still, the part of me sensitive to endings realized I might never return to this area as a resident. What does that mean? It means that soon I will see this little region from the outside and, maybe as a result, which characteristics aren’t shared by anyplace else. Some things I already know are unique – hilarious things about living in a tech-dense area, or facets of the supposedly glamorous Palo Alto life – because it’s not my original hometown. But other things I’m really curious about, like: Are non-SV people as aware about Facebook’s earnings? Do they know that Uber might be valued at $3.5 million (what?!)? Do they care at all about the Snapchat drama?

On one hand, I think No, because I can’t imagine people anywhere else caring as much about their iPhone apps as those here. On the other hand, I think Yes, because this area is earning exorbitant amounts of money, and money is a universal interest.

So this is one of the biggest questions I carry as I begin to pack things up (lol, not really). Just like studying in Italy taught me more about American culture, or moving off campus taught me more about Stanford’s reputation, I anticipate learning just how much or how little Silicon Valley is regarded on the outside.