The lives of others

by ninameetscafe

It is in our best interest to think about others often. In the stress of the last month or so, I have found such great relief in the ever-changing lives of my friends, who encourage me just by letting me in.

I felt this acutely several weeks ago when a friend in journalism school sent me the link to a story she’d been working on for months – a brilliant piece of long-form journalism (if an amateur judge like me can say so). I could hear her voice weaving through the entire piece, and it raced me down the page to the very end, where I found myself brimming with astonishment and pride for my friend. My heart was so brightened by her stories, both the one written before me and the one I know she’s been living out there in New York City. I also felt immediately less burdened by my own mostly self-inflicted dramas. My friend may not have meant to, but she did something really powerful by sharing one of her joys with me.

Within days, I also had two close friends (independent parties) spill the beans on big news: their ENGAGEMENTS! Hearing that straight from the source was a phenomenal experience both times. It was very much a shift in perspective from grimness to gratefulness that such exciting things (love! proposals! plans!) were happening right then and there.

What a blessing to be invited into other people’s narratives as they grow and evolve and learn. I imagine there are infinite reasons God gave us social impulses, and an innate desire for outward connection, and I’m glad he reveals those to us over time.