“Love is watching someone die”

In the song, Sarah said, “Love is watching someone die.” For maybe the past 5 years, I thought this line personified Love as a cold-hearted person, watching as someone died in a hospital. I thought the following question, “Who’s gonna watch you die?” was a soft but spiteful note about the nature of Love.

“What Sarah Said” just came on the radio, and for the first time meant something totally different. Maybe Sarah was describing what people in love do. Maybe she meant that they remain, stand by, watch as their loved ones fall away.


Someone recently taught me that “compassion” derives from Latin:

com- meaning “with,”

passio meaning “suffering.”

So, to suffer alongside someone.


Gosh, how suddenly words can change to us.


One thought on ““Love is watching someone die”

  1. Wow. What a song. I agree way more with your second read – I read the last as, if being there watching someone die is the ultimate form of love, then…. who loves you that much? (and implicit, who do you love that much?)

    Thanks for sharing.

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