The potential of one day

by ninameetscafe

Only 24 hours constitute a day. And a day disappears in the face of deadlines. It disintegrates into selective memory when it’s over. It slips away like sand while years pile up in its place.

And at the same time, a single day is enough to fit so many of your life’s greatest joys. In one day, it’s possible to remember [almost] all of the ways you’ve been blessed.

One day is… a really big deal.

My today began at 5:30 a.m. (a bit on the earlier side for me), will likely end around midnight, and will most likely be remembered as one of those landmark days – one of the great[er] ones. It’s going to be made especially colorful in my planner.

No, my life didn’t change in any way: no unexpected events surprised me with billions, astounding news, or major epiphanies. What happened today was a nonstop reiteration of the things I love in life already

– early morning start

– cooking {breakfast} with great company

– serving at the Opportunity Center for a best friend’s 21st birthday celebration

– Philz Coffee, delicious pastries and real, real talk with special said birthday girl

– simple lunch with two sweet roommates (semi-watching court TV. no, seriously.)

– super-efficient trip to storage with two of my favorite gals (and completing all pre-journey home packing!)

– [Cuban] dining adventure with a darling of mine who loves new food like I do

– making exciting breakfast and lunch dates for tomorrow [last day of my junior year on campus]

– totally unexpected visit from one of my oldest, goofiest friends from way-back freshman year

…In written words, those things don’t particularly scream “fireworks” or “revolution” or “crazy.” They don’t, right?

Yet they absolutely do, for me. In all of these things I found joy – I found my greatest joys, represented like themes in a story. And I truly believe that that that seeking is a choice we all can make about everything.

One of the best things I’ve learned these past several years has been that YEAH: The best things come in small packages, and [in my version] presented by the people around you. When I think of all of the simplest instances, gestures and conversations that have made my day, I realize how epic that saying actually is. But when do we say it the most? We say it in response to the seemingly insignificant things that happen in our everyday lives. It’s beautiful, the way it works out. The small stuff is where it’s at. (Yo.)

It’s just a matter of noticing. It’s a matter of seeing every single day that way.

Living this way is crucial. Around the corner and around the world, disasters take hold of our lives and threaten to pull us under. There’s no real end to the enormous, long-term problems. Hey, we’re human. We can’t control everything, and even if we could we’d be no better off.

But amidst it all, there’s no end to hope, either. If we keep choosing to see sparks of the amazing in every day, that fact is less easily forgotten.

The truth is, a lot of great things can happen in a single day – a lot of great, little, sneaky magic moments.

I praise the Lord for it – I really do.

P.S. And tomorrow, it’s time for – guess what! Studying for my Econ midterm on Thursday! So it’s a good thing Intro to Macroeconomics ranks as one of my favorite classes at Stanford. GDP, baby, it’s you and me…