on the floor, with my neighbor and fried 치킨

by ninameetscafe

In Seoul, everything delivers. McDonald’s delivers. The groceries deliver. The [Korean-style] Chinese restaurants deliver. Frozen yogurt delivers. It comes straight to your door, courtesy of a young man in a helmet who rides an electric scooter-bike around the city. There are hundreds of these hunger-halting warriors weaving the streets of Seoul at any given moment. And, on the heels of one of the many ridiculous fried chicken commercials on the airwaves, I found myself remembering that fried chicken might be Seoul’s most in-demand delivery.

I hope you understand how so not-prone to eating fried chicken I am – really, fried anything. But now I’m in Seoul, and there’s no way I’m denying the influence of environmental context. (I’m going to try 보신탕 this weekend for Pete’s sake! That, my friends, is dog meat. Don’t grimace, please…! More on this later.) Thus, after realizing the hold fried chicken (with beer, actually) has on the munchies-suffering Korean population, I’ve just been so curious. I see a TwoTwoChicken delivery boy at least every other day. I’ve been missing out or something.

And then the girl who lives across from me knocked on my door, announced she was hungry, and inquired about me. I, after another fabulous day of running/subway-riding around Seoul to and fro, responded in the affirmative. She suggested fried chicken. Total coincidence!

Except she called one of the many, many, many fried chicken delivery houses and they said they could only provide a whole bird or something. Whole bird?! No way. So she decided to run out real quick for 컵치킨. That’s “cup chicken,” which is basically however much fried chicken they can fit in a cup.

So there we were, sitting on the floor, chatting away, watching a Korean comedy talk show, chewing on chicken. It was completely unhealthy, surprisingly yummy, and I’m probably not doing it again.

But it definitely solved the munchies issue in totally unplanned typical-Korean-style.

(What’s more, if cup chicken gave me any kind of temporary cholesterol issue, it’ll be solved with the dog meat. It’s appreciated by Korea’s older generations for extreme health benefits. I’m going with my grandfather, who knows a famous place that somehow happens to be situated in one of Seoul’s youngest and trendiest neighborhoods…! Anyway, NO they don’t just take dogs off the street. YES, they breed these dogs specially. Yes, there are almost definitely major animal rights crimes involved in dog meat production. But yes, I did also have foie gras last week. I’m fast making enemies with animal rights activists, but I swear these aren’t becoming regular eating habits. Pinky promise. I just have to try it at least once!)


P.S. Coming up: A. my CLASSMATES!… and CLUBBING! Oh my goodness, yay.