Frill and fancy at “A Room with Tea and Wit”

by ninameetscafe

After four [almost] straight hours of single-minded dedication to a paper (on geography’s effect on the Korean nationalist movement, 1910-1945 – yes, it does fascinate me), I can feel my mind courting the familiar crazy mode that often accompanies mental exhaustion.

So here I am, harkening back to the dream of an afternoon Ashley, Edie and I spent together, surrounded by panache and prettiness.

You know me. It was just my cup of tea.

As I somewhat expected and very much anticipated, Crown & Crumpet burst with pastels, florals and boundless feminine chic. The tiny store adjacent is filled with cheekily-inscripted chinaware, extravagant charms and etiquette books. The walls are adorned with white-framed drawings and clever witticisms.

In sum, the “tea salon,” as they proudly self-proclaim, is a glorious appeal to every girl’s childhood tea party experiences. Crown & Crumpet, already in the aloof Ghirardelli Square, is truly an escape from the outside world, unabashedly overflowing with color and frill and lace and a fabulous feeling of total removal.

Now, all girls are girly in their own special way. But Ashley, Edie and I fell right into place, chatting, giggling, reminiscing for an hour and a half. I’d say we appropriately took full advantage of our environment!

The menu was a fancy little piece of literature itself. As with most things in the restaurant, it was basically a fully-spirited, talking piece of frivolity. I even read the first page of the menu, an introduction to Crown & Crumpet, out loud for us all to enjoy. Every description is whimsical and sweet, but three teas called out to each of us in particular:

Ashley: Paris – sweet, hints of vanilla

Edie: Lavender Oolong – earthy, roots, jasmine-included

me: Earl Gray – quite frankly, the best Earl Gray I’ve had – optimal with cream and sugar

And Edie, in a genius flash of realization, noted how each of our favorites (we each tried them all) were just the ones we had originally picked out.


Our lovely libations were paired with buttery scones for Edie and Ashley, and an Earl Gray tea-infused bundt cake (the cake of the day)… the latter I will say was absolutely heavenly. The icing was divine, the Earl Gray infusion was spongy and completely delightful, and together with my tea of choice – delicious.

And so we chattered away, getting lost in a leisurely dream of afternoon tea…

Mon – Thu 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Fri 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sat 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sun 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.