Edie & Nina, A to Z

by ninameetscafe

On November 20, 2009, Edie and I went on the first of our series of amazing soulroommate dates, and walked back home to Kimball in a state of bliss, pretty much.

It was the seed of a project that would take us through the rest of the year.

In the very beginning, we definitely didn’t know what we were getting into.  In the very beginning, it was more an amusing question of “Ooh, why not go to a restaurant that starts with the next letter?”

But today is May 29, 2010, the day that my fabulous Edie and I accomplished a project that took us all around the Bay Area, celebrated all kinds of different cuisines, and reunited us with many of our friends.

Twenty-six letters… approximately two academic quarters… so many adventures and so much fun, and I don’t know if it’s actually hit me that we’re now on the other side of Z. Because this was never a project about getting to the end. It was always about every new experience, planning for it, making it happen, getting there, looking forward to the next one. (Or rather the next three, since we did get pretty good at intense long-term planning.) As we retraced our dining steps via business cards on our constantly-growing cork board display, Edie and I marveled at how we could track our lives’ growth, too. As if each letter was actually a souvenir from some part of our sophomore year.

This year has been tremendous for both of us, you know.

A-B-C-Dining represents something that Edie and I discovered this year as we walked, biked, Caltrain-ed and drove to corners of this Bay Area where we live together: the absolute beauty of looking forward, looking up. I think both of us have begun to understand that happiness comes from loving every moment and recognizing the love in everything. To be honest, my high school slogan was that “love is cliche.” I said it a lot, feeling wisely bitter. My old friends will certainly recognize it. But with the amount of joy and love that fills our lives now, I can’t imagine how anything could possibly be more wrong.

It’s been amazing. And if you could join us for one of our adventures, I’m so, so glad for it – Edie and I always loved (slash felt overly maternal) having our friends with our letters! We also absolutely loved hearing of friends who decided to start their own personal projects and epic outbound odysseys.

For now, the adventures of Edie & Nina [as recorded on Nina Meets Cafe] will be temporarily on hiatus until next January rolls around… But you’d better stay tuned for news of our next crazy campaign.

It’ll be up and running before you can say “I’m hungry!”