I think I love Olives [@ Bldg. 160]

by ninameetscafe

I’ve become enormously fond of Olives, the little underground cafe beneath Building 160. I think it’s because I’ve basically been forced to eat there every single school day for the past seven weeks. Ways, means and coerced beginnings aside, however, are irrelevant in the face of this great love of Olives. And now I want to tell you where this affection stems from, especially now that I’m Cardinal Dollars-broke and will be depriving myself of Olives until I [or you] think of a clever solution [and tell me].

My respect for Olives grew with my daily lunch sandwiches this quarter – particularly their albacore tuna sandwich  (with lettuce, tomatoes and provolone cheese on whole wheat bread, cut in half) – that I can see them making fresh every morning. The way that they consistently introduce new menu items, too, is wonderful; for example, I may not like cookie-sweet scones, but I absolutely admire that they bake them themselves. In the mornings, they also put out a plate filled with crumbled cookies for people to sample in their line for the cashier. On a different note, the music at Olives is of the variety I never listen to on purpose, (think: hip-hop) but now, combined with Olives’ charm, I can’t imagine walking out without some bad catchy song in my head. (I swear I mean that in an affectionate way.)

But it’s the people at Olives that make me forever happy to walk through that front green door. I’ve talked with them about the weekend, received free cookie samples, had my waaay-too-daily coffee habit anticipated, been gladly given soy milk from their fridge… and been smiled at every morning.

Olives has seen me at lunch every morning/lunch this quarter. (Also, I believe I’ve drunken more coffee this quarter than ever before.) It’s been the location of really happy meetings with close friends. It’s where I’ve randomly become re-acquainted with countless out-of-touch contacts. And Edie and I only recently discovered – in a crazy-joyous moment of realization – that we can have biweekly mid-morning rendezvous to break from the rest of our crazy days. Edie loves how great it smells there, and their new vegetarian wraps. Matt loves their pesto pizza (even though he always burns himself with them). Ashley was the one who excitedly told me about the homemade scones. And I really love the benches. I guess sometimes they get too hot in the sun, but when they’re warm it’s quite glorious.

Anyway, I got a nasty shock when I saw how much my Cardinal Dollars account has dwindled. So I had, presumably, my last albacore tuna sandwich just yesterday and my last Olives coffee with Edie the morning before. And now things are getting desperate.

Mon – Fri 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Hot lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.