a very European, very sweet Douce France

by ninameetscafe

(April 10, 2010)

Douce France has a wonderful cappuccino, fabulous round tables like big bottle tops, enticing crepes, and an immediately comfortable atmosphere. I can confidently declare, with several visits’ experience under my belt, that Douce France is that refreshingly authentic brand of cafe where you can sit in conversation for an hour, or study diligently for several. And on each occasion you can count on being surrounded by families with young children and couples bantering in foreign languages – both endlessly entertaining types of crowds, to be sure.

While I’ve had Douce France’s regular coffee three or four times now, a taste of their pastries has somehow eluded me. But I once purchased one of their locally-famous mini chocolate-dipped chocolate croissants for my friend Matt (who somehow does without breakfast on a regular basis – don’t ask me how) as a Korean-class surprise to go with his daily coffee – and he loved it. (Also, BIG NEWS: Matt and I are going to study in KOREA THIS SUMMER…!!! I can’t even contain how crazy excited I am…) And several days ago I saw the crumby remains of their raspberry-jam heart sandwich cookie on the desk of Top, who lives down the hall, who had gotten it from his girlfriend.

Overall, the moral of these recollections is that someday I’ll have to test out the bakery myself instead of being peripherally involved with them. In fact, Edie and I have our eyes set on their almond cookie, which is a thin, large masterpiece that is extremely busy with crushed almonds.

(A seemingly random and unfortunate offering of Douce France is a weird-looking scone that is way too shiny on top. Just warning you.)

I was also here on the morning my brother and mom left after Parents’ Weekend – we came to study in our now-familiar family-study-sesh way, which, now that I think about it, is really quite adorable. So you too should feel free to come here with your laptop and/or reading material. Yet do be aware that it can get very crowded earlier in the mornings (breakfast bunches) and around noon (lunch bunches), and outlets are sparse along the walls.

Also be aware of the really, really comfy booth seating located in the middle of the cafe… for this is where Edie and I sat with our cappuccino and coffee, sitting, talking, watching and setting a high bar for the rest of that day. (As usual.)

Now I can’t wait until it gets reliably warm enough to sit outside for a Douce France breakfast and the cookie that caught my eye. So stay posted. Updates are certainly on the way.

Mon – Sat 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Sun 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.