La Playita, a beach city treasure

by ninameetscafe

I tend to crave Mexican food when I come back home because a. it’s everywhere in Southern California, b. I’m familiar with its general Southern California-restaurant form, and c. Northern California apparently doesn’t know how to do it. So where else would I have an itch to go to but La Playita, the local Mexican gem of HB?

After deliberating whether it was actually warmer outside and deciding Why Yes It Is!, Mike, Evan and I sat ourselves down in the wonderful back patio area. And somewhere in between realizing the college-cliche fact that we all had blogs and admiring Evan’s sweet summer plans, we realized we were taking too long to figure out our orders. The wait staff, though, is always friendly and approachable at La Playita, and our young waiter didn’t seem much bothered at all (even if he had to come by three times or something).

La Playita serves up the classic Mexican-joint menu that the average Southern Californian knows well – the burritos, the enchiladas, the tacos and the fajitas, almost all served with beans and rice and sour cream and guacamole and/or a mix of the four. But what makes this Hermosa restaurant a local classic is how well it’s all done, without any weird quality caveats that I’ve definitely encountered at other shady Mexican places. They’re known for their good chips and salsa, as well. It’s just all good, in plain and simple terms, and that reliability is what makes La Playita so great. Plus that picture looks delicious. Slaughtered by Evan’s fork, but still really good.

I even had my 18th birthday party in the back patio, too! It was such a perfect little space. Oh my goodness, I feel so nostalgic right now. (Oh, no! After feeling so sentimental about how many marvelous things have happened in sophomore year this far and how much I’ve realized, maybe this emotional business is what really drew me back to La Playita. Yikes!)

But back to the present. Thankfully, my tortilla soup tasted fresh and didn’t skimp on the ingredients. Rice, chicken, not-too-much cheese, green onion, avocado, tomato and cilantro in a bright yellow broth comprised a soup I’m realizing I really quite enjoyed! Tortilla soups can go sooooo wrong. And there’s Mike in the background about to dig into his guacamole-covered burrito: he particularly noted a need for something with lots o’ guac. He he.

As we got up from our table:

Evan: “That was really good.”

Mike: “I know – I’m so full.”

Short and sweet statements of satisfaction, wouldn’t you say?

La Playita is quite possibly my favorite, familiar little Mexican restaurant. Very home-grown, very Hermosa. Approximately 20 seconds of the beach, and close to many benches. Which is awesome because I love benches.

Whoa, I could totally go for enchiladas right now.

Tue – Sat 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sun 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.