Right now, SJC airport

by ninameetscafe

I’m blogging at the airport. This is either really poetic or really cliche. And neither of those options clears the fact that I am officially on the other side of the most stressful and hectic academic quarter of my life. I never, ever, ever imagined 10 weeks could go this fast.

Okay, so I’m feeling similar to how I did when I turned 15, when I turned 16, when I found myself alone driving to loud music in my red car, when I realized I was experiencing normality in college… but I’ll spare you the intense introspective. Instead, how’s this: HOLYCRAPWHATJUSTHAPPENED. Tee hee.

The past 10 weeks have been unbelievable. Because I realized that despite the often tear-inducing difficulty, this quarter has been the best by far. I still wonder how that’s possible. Sans the whole I-learned-so-much-about-myself-and-maybe-even-grew-up-a-bit bit, I’ll just say I had SO much fun. I was happy. And the happiness easily became joy. Edie and I always, always, always had something to look forward to. I feel like we discovered the secret humanity has been searching for forever. Or something. Now I’m telling you, and I hope you don’t forget it. =)

This morning, smiling as we walked out of Caffe del Doge for the last time this quarter, we realized how excited we are about the next one. Similar, in a way, to our pre-breakfast anticipation, but in a bigger, kind of absolutely uncontainable way. More adventures, more beautiful early mornings and more celebrating everything with the people we love. Often with extremely delicious food. Duh.

A lot of you still have finals to check off, of course, so I wish you the best of luck. (It’s almost over – YAY.)

Well. I had to make this quick – my 8:05 Southwest flight to LAX beckons.

My final point?
I see a really bright potential, right up ahead.

And get ready for the L.A. CHAPTER!