Thinking forever of Philz Coffee

by ninameetscafe

(February 21, 2010)

Philz Coffee blew my mind. Changed my world. I sort of just want to be there right now.

And I would like to really impress how important my experience was by explaining my current situation: sitting in a review section for tomorrow’s Statistics quiz that I really need to do well on, but am obviously not dedicating 100 percent of my focus to. Also, if I’m going to be distracted right now anyway, I could have chosen to study for my Korean vocab quiz in 45 minutes, or complete a page-long write-up for Korean Economy due at 2 today or something. Or work on my script for the 10-minute research presentation I’ll be giving next week on former South Korean president and Nobel laureate Kim Dae-Jung.
But. I went to Philz Coffee yesterday, had coffee that rocked my socks, and the world must know. Or at least whatever minority of people who read this blog.
(And I appreciate you so much. I really do! Hee hee.)

Don’t let Philz Coffee’s diminutive size fool you. Packed in that little shop is an expansive amount of coffee knowledge, cool coffee-grinding machinery, shelves and shelves of coffee beans on display (they’ll take it down if you want to smell), and lots of signage with highly entertaining coffee names and elaborate and equally entertaining descriptions. The multitude of the latter is what gets overwhelming.

But my friend Ashley and I had prepared ourselves for the lost feeling that engulfed us, and that leads me to the next great part of Philz Coffee. The employees! Who (figuratively) took my hand, clarified the short-lived ambiguity of my coffee desires, and led me to my final decision!

* Ambrosia Coffee of God, a light-to-medium roast (I said I didn’t want too much caffeine), with a little bit of the Philz’ special cream. (And remember, I normally only take my coffee black or with nonfat milk. But the young man behind the counter insisted it was that good. Which it was, obviously. Duh.)

As I very subtly hinted before, it was the most wonderful coffee I’ve drunken in my life thus far. It was frothy on top with discernable nutty tones, and laced with a delicate sweetness. It was oh-so-smooth and tasted somehow of depth and volume. With one sip, my coffee standards skyrocketed, and banished were watery coffees from my life forever. There’s no picture because I was too preoccupied drinking it.

The little shop is very cozy, and there are only a few tables and couches for long-term Philz Coffee-basking. Another friend of mine noted over dinner tonight how nice it was to sit outdoors in the summer warmth. Now, in the slightly unpredictable rainy-season weather, it might be too much to guarantee a study spot inside. But, for your information, they DO have free wi-fi! (In our immediate post-Philz Coffee state, Ashley and I may have exclaimed in a disproportionately spirited way when we saw the wi-fi sticker by the front door.)

So yes, overall, I’d say it really was that epic. I mean, I’ve never drunken a cup of coffee that I was still thinking about the next day. And I’d certainly like to thank a certain Ms. Ashley for suggesting we go discover Philz. (Even though I already have several times since then.)

And if YOU go, please tell me what you order, and if it blew your mind, too. And then I’ll probably go get it.


** UPDATE **

I just HAD to take my mom and my brother there when they came to visit. And so Friday, Feb. 26 saw the three of us with two Mocha Tesoras with cream and one Canopy of Heaven with nonfat milk. The Mocha Tesora was a heavenly balance of coffee and chocolate, neither overwhelming the other. My brother who can’t much tolerate the taste of coffee, could handle it. (He got his iced.) The Canopy of Heaven, sans cream, was just as satisfying.


** UPDATE #2 **

March 7, 2010: How lucky am I!? Karthik (who, if you don’t know, is the wonderful young man who lives across the hall) made me supremely happy when he said that now he really wanted to check out Philz! And today we made the trip during our coinciding open afternoon time. IT SMELT SO GOOD IN THERE. Karthik: the Tesora, with a bit o’ sugar and cream (sweet, nutty); me: Julie’s Ultimate. Karthik: impressed (prefers the sweeter side of life), and going for the Philtered Soul next; me: glad to have tried a floral, fruity blend, but now know I prefer the nutty kind. Considering coffee is one of the three things I want to become expertly knowledgeable about in life (the other two: wine and cheese), I’d say I’m on the right track. (Philz is a good stepping-stone.)


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