Cool Cafe: definitely cool enough

by ninameetscafe

So I’m actually sitting in class right now as I write this. But with only 24 hours in a day, this kind of multitasking is totally, absolutely necessary. Plus I was thinking about how pleasant my simple carrot ginger soup was at lunch, and I kind of got that writing urge.

After setting the lunch date last week, my lovely work office-mate and I walked the 45 seconds upstairs to the Cantor Arts Center’s Cool Cafe – the first time for both of us! A welcoming and super casual atmosphere beckoned us through the glass door and into the cheeriness. It was overcast today, but the completely clear wall of window to the left allows for a great open view of the Cantor lawn and lots of soft light. Bright fabrics on the wall flow from the high ceiling down to the floor, the tables are large and the spaces are generous. I wasn’t studying, but immediately noticed a corner of the room that would be a perfect spot for settling down to a few hours of work. The cafe is great for its warm, comforting mood. Why not be happy while studying, eh?

The menu is simple but attractive, promotes an 80% organic/local commitment and seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches. My lovely lunch partner, who we decided was a classic-lunch kind of girl, had a turkey breast sandwich with honey mustard on wheat that happily didn’t skimp on the turkey one bit. I myself ordered Combo. #1: the small soup of the day and a house salad ($10), and while it wasn’t cheap for the amount, it was certainly satisfying. In fact, I really enjoyed my carrot ginger soup! It was smooth but not overly pureed, bright and faithful to its carrot-y heritage and dynamic with a soft hint of ginger. I can easily see myself going back for the next comfort soup.

The great thing about Cool Cafe is that it is close and on-campus, but far away enough to feel removed. And with a more diverse population than just the 18-22-year age-range world we often get lost in, it’s a convenient place to re-contact the real world sans transportation cost.

I definitely recommend a lunch visit at least once – perhaps on a particularly sunny Saturday when you can take advantage of the patio and some peaceful free hours ahead of you.

P.S. Cool Cafe also features some really good-looking cupcakes and cookies. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure a $3.99 brownie can win me over with just its looks. (Though who knows what the future will bring…!)

** UPDATE **

I went back on a particularly GORGEOUS day to study with a friend, and it was absolutely marvelous sitting outside. The patio is spacious and open, and refreshing for being so close to such a green, green lawn… loved it.


Wed – Sun 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Thu 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (dinner 5 – 8 p.m.)